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The 5 Best Blenders for Ice

Miklas Kroager April 4, 2018

You may be wondering what the best blender for ice is. Keep on reading as we have reviewed five of the bestselling blenders on Amazon to find out what really is the best appliance to use for crushing ice. By the time you’re done going through the entire article, we guarantee that you will have the answer to all the questions you’ve been asking about blenders and so much more! What are we waiting for? Let’s get going!

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The Best Blender for Ice: Which one is it?

The best blender allows you to crush ice and mix it with all of the ingredients of your refreshing drink in a single push of a button! In mere seconds, you’ll be sipping that drink without having to go through a ton of fuss. According to studies, we have now been consuming lesser fruits and vegetables day by day. Through a personal blender, you no longer have any reason to skip your daily dose of Phytonutrients. Of course, you don’t know which appliances are the best to use for crushing ice yet. Here are our top picks:

#1 Vitamix 5200 Blender – Overall Top Pick

Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Container, Black
1,020 Reviews
Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Container, Black
  • Variable Speed Control: Easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures. The dial can be rotated at any point during the blend, so you're in...
  • Large Batches: The size and shape of the self-cleaning 64-ounce container is ideal for blending medium to large batches. Design Feature : Radial...
  • Hot Soup: The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat, bringing cold ingredients to steaming hot in...
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades: Our aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients, so from the first...
  • Self-Cleaning: With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds. What's in the Box: motor base,...

Vitamix 5200 has already been in several articles of ours as this American-made blender that has a Swedish motor is the most ideal blender a household or restaurant can ever have. Yes, that’s right. The popularity of this incredible product is justified as it is not just the best blender for protein shakes or the best juicer blender, but it is also the best blender for ice crushing! If there’s one appliance your household needs right now, it is the blender from Vitamix, a dominant brand from the US.

Ice crushing is an important factor when choosing a blender as most people add in ice to almost all of their frozen drinks and smoothies. This 5200 Blender from Vitamix spins at more than 30,000 rpm and it’s more than enough to blend anything you want for your concoction. Aside from that, it has special systems that are built-in to the blender itself in order to prevent it from overheating and other related problems.

As we’ve tried using the best blender for ice ourselves, we’ve increased its speed as we blend instead of cranking it immediately. The blender’s foolproof soft touch controls have made this a breeze. Generally speaking, this unbelievable machine is truly an ergonomic delight. It’s sturdy even from the base up to its containers that were specially designed.



  • Ergonomically sound all throughout
  • The best blender for ice crushing
  • It is built to last for years
  • It comes with a long, comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer



  • Some people find the unit noisy, but this is because of its powerful motor

#2 1800-Watt Blender by CleanBlend

Blender By Cleanblend: Commercial Blender, Mixer, Smoothie Blender, 64 Ounce BPA Free Container, Stainless Steel 8 Blade Assembly, Variable Speed, Pulse, Tamper, Nut Milk Bag, Spatula, 3 HP 1800 Watts
613 Reviews
Blender By Cleanblend: Commercial Blender, Mixer, Smoothie Blender, 64 Ounce BPA Free Container, Stainless Steel 8 Blade Assembly, Variable Speed, Pulse, Tamper, Nut Milk Bag, Spatula, 3 HP 1800 Watts
  • CLEANBLEND IS AN ALL IN ONE APPLIANCE that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milk shakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces,...
  •  FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL 8 BLADE SYSTEM with sealed ball bearing for maximized blending every time. Commercial grade smoothie and...

  •  PULSE FEATURE AND VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL, BPA Free Tamper wand for extreme processing power


  •  BPA FREE 64 OZ. CONTAINER with stainless steel drive train

The second placer on our best blender for ice list is one of the powerful blenders that you can get your hands on. We were very impressed as to how it performed during our ice crushing testing process. It turned the cubes into snow without a hitch. Even hard-to-blend vegetables and frozen fruits have been turned into tasty smoothies.

If you think about this blender’s price, you would think that you are getting a good deal as it performs incredibly well at ice crushing. It’s definitely worth every penny for its durability and tempting features. As you may have known, we’ve been constantly on the lookout for blenders that are capable of pulverizing frozen fruits and ice. We are so glad we’ve found this blender as it performs quite similar to our list’s best blender for ice, the Vitamix 5200. On top of that, CleanBlend’s pitcher is strong, and BPA-free at the same time. And because the pitcher that comes with the product is plastic, you can be sure that it has less chances of shattering.

Unlike other blenders that we’ve used in the past, the stainless steel bearings of CleanBlend’s incredible tool are of the highest quality. The blades can also cut through frozen fruits and ice without any problem. It makes the perfect tool for soups, ice cream, and smoothies – basically whatever you need a blender to produce!



  • Its blender container won’t shatter + it’s BPA free
  • Has a powerful base
  • Comes at an affordable price considering its capabilities
  • Can be considered as the best blender for ice crushing



  • It is a tall blending appliance, so its storage can be a problem

#3 Blendtec Total Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar (75oz volume/32 oz Wet/Dry Fillable), Professional-Grade Power, 6 Pre-programmed Cycles, 10-speeds, Black
1,451 Reviews
Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar (75oz volume/32 oz Wet/Dry Fillable), Professional-Grade Power, 6 Pre-programmed Cycles, 10-speeds, Black
  • Easy Blending Cycles: 1-touch buttons, 6 pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and 10 speed manual control with the ability to achieve a variety of...
  • Patented Blade/80% Thicker: Stainless-Steel forged blade, with wings, for amazingly smooth blends (10X stronger than other blender blades). Note:...
  • Large Batches: BPA-Free FourSide Jar is a 75 ounce volume jar with 32 ounce blending capacity (wet or dry) ideal for blending beverages for 3-4...
  • Warming Soup: Blendtec blenders heat soups and drinks through blade friction heat. Enjoy a warm meal or beverage in 6 minutes or less. Electrical...
  • 8 year warranty/American Company: Family-owned and driven to build the best quality products - without compromise. Engineered and assembled in...

When we found out that Blendtec Total Blender blends frozen fruits and crush ice effortlessly, we knew that it would be on our best blender for ice list. How it blended all the ingredients of our smoothie was spectacular – it didn’t even have to exert an effort.

We never thought that Blendtec will release a powerful blender for such a cheap price as the company has a reputation of producing higher end blenders. When we heard that this is as affordable as how a mid-range blender could get, that left us with our mouths open. Some people may think that it is still an expensive blender, but for a couple of hundred dollars in exchange for a reliable, long-lasting, and well-performing blender from a reputable company, we’ll take the deal anytime! This blender is so amazing that it blends fluently; it won’t get stuck as it blends hard ingredients even for just a second.

How this blender works so well can be credited to its powerful 1,560-watt motor. It doesn’t leave any lumps or chunks on your smoothie, and you can rely on it to work as hard as you want it to. This is one of the blenders that make blending easy, making it an honorable mention on our best blender for ice list.



  • It’s a strong, durable, trusty blender
  • It can do so much more than blend frozen fruits and crush ice
  • It comes with an auto shut-off feature
  • Its pre-programmed settings will allow you to blend easily



  • It’s not a dishwasher-friendly unit

#4 SharkNinja’s Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor with 1500W Auto-iQ Base, 72oz Pitcher, 64oz Processor Bowl, (2) 16oz Cup for Smoothies, Dough & More
1,617 Reviews
Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor with 1500W Auto-iQ Base, 72oz Pitcher, 64oz Processor Bowl, (2) 16oz Cup for Smoothies, Dough & More
  • 72 oz. Total crushing pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.
  • 8-Cup food processor bowl provides perfect, even chopping and makes up to 2 lbs. Of dough in 30 seconds.
  • Two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go.
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts..Includes one 1500-watt base, A food processor bowl, 72 oz. Total crushing pitcher, two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja...
  • For best results, try the Nutri Ninja cup or X-Large pitcher for frozen drinks.If you choose to clean the unit by hand, please do so with warm...

The 4th placer on our best blender for ice crushing list can’t go unnoticed with its Total Crushing Technology. Even so, it does more than crush ice, as it’s perfect for other jobs including mixing, grinding, and even dough mixing! This is one of the many reasons why it deserves to be considered as one of the best.

This blender can also be used in making hot soups and liquids. Aside from being the best blender for ice, soups, and anything edible, it also acts as an excellent personal blender and food processor. Its big pitcher allows you to make drinks for an entire family in one go. Its food processor bowl (you’ll be supplied with one) is also perfect for preparing dough, chopping, and other kitchen tasks.

This particular blender comes with two cups that have built-in blades and lids. If you switch from a huge pitcher to any of the small cups, you can easily turn this helpful tool into a single-serving blender. It will prove useful when you need to make drinks for your family and make your daily protein shakes.

As for the pitchers, they are easy to handle and dishwasher safe. This means less work on your end and less chances of cutting your fingers. We only want products in our homes that are safe, especially around children, and we know you want the same as well. Since we’re talking about safety, the pitchers are also made of BPA-free plastic, making them perfectly safe for family use.



  • Comes with a 1,500-watt base
  • It’s easy to clean and it’s dishwasher-safe
  • Provides you with three speed options for blending, grinding, and crushing
  • Has a pulse feature



  • Because of its powerful motor, it’s not exactly a quiet blender
  • Doesn’t come with Auto-iQ Tech which most Ninja blenders have

#5 Reverse Crush Blender by Oster – Best Budget Buy

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 7-Speed Settings and Brushed Stainless Steel/Black Finish
2,327 Reviews
Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 7-Speed Settings and Brushed Stainless Steel/Black Finish
  • 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts. Cord length: 16 inches
  • Pre-Programmed Smart Settings Technology takes the guesswork out of blending with easy, one-touch controls for expert results
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology automatically moves stainless steel, 6-point blade in reverse to free jar of jam-ups
  • Crush Pro 6 Blade uses stainless steel, 6-point design to pulverize and chop with precision
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty for lasting durability

While there are expensive blenders that don’t do their job properly, Oster’s Reverse Crush Blender is one of the few tools that perform tough things easily. What we love most about this blender is its performance. Although it does not look like much and it’s an affordable blender, you can count on it to be the best blender for ice.

This blender has its own glass jar, which some people would be attracted to. Of course, you have to be extra careful when handling glass jars as they can easily break. Replacing a glass jar wouldn’t make sense as well, so you’ll be forced to purchase another blender.

Oster is a company that has its customers in mind. This is evident from this blender as it comes with two pre-programmed settings, three speed settings, and a low and high pulse. All these blending modes and speeds are all that you will need to blend anything.

The interesting thing about this blending appliance from Oster is that it rotates in 2 directions. The blade, at first, spins in a single direction. It will then reverse every few seconds. This solves the clogging problem most blenders have.



  • The filler cap has built-in markings, making it easier for you to measure your ingredients
  • The pitcher that comes with the package is dishwasher safe
  • Has a dual direction blade tech



  • A bit noisy even with its small size

How to Choose the Right Blender for Crushing Ice

Not all blenders are capable of crushing ice. There are blenders, if used to churn ice and frozen fruits, that’ll suffer a lot. What’s more, they won’t be able to provide you with the texture that you are looking for. When this goes on after a couple of uses, we guarantee that you’ll soon find them a waste of both your money and time.

Since crushing ice and turning it into snow isn’t an easy task for most blenders, it’s just understandable why you’d have a hard time choosing a blender. The best blender for ice is one that has been equipped with enough power. Also, it has to have strong blades and a high speed among many others.

Strong Motor

The best blender for ice has to have a motor that’s powerful enough to perform tough tasks like crushing hard ice and vegetables. It does not necessarily mean that blenders that have lower wattage can’t crush ice. However, they are not capable of blending how higher wattage blenders do; therefore, when choosing a blender, you must think long and hard as to what tasks you’ll need it to perform for you.

Motor Speed

When the job is as hard as churning frozen fruits and ice, it’s better for a blender to have high speed settings. The high speed will allow you to crush the ice, and the slow speed will take care of the blending for you.

Design of the Blades

A powerful motor isn’t enough as the best blender for ice must also have high-quality blades. Strong, durable blades are necessary if you don’t want to purchase replacement blades again and again just to be able to use your blender.


Your blender’s pitcher is also important as it should not be too weak or thin as it will crack or stain easily. Since ice cubes are hard, the best blender for ice has to be capable of withstanding pressure and it mustn’t get shattered quickly. If it can last a couple of falls, the better.

Final Thoughts on the Best Blender for Ice

The blenders that were included in our best blender for ice list are the appliances that we know are capable of pulverizing ice and frozen fruits. You already know what we think is the best blender for ice, which is Vitamix 5200. But, it will still be up to you to decide on which blender to purchase. We trust that we have already given you all the information you need, especially when it comes to the power and specialty of our featured blenders.

Just remember, when looking for the best blender for ice, always stick with high-speed, high wattage blenders and you’ll do just fine. Happy shopping and blending!

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